Friday, April 1, 2016

Another "What is BIG DATA" blog

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Every other technical blogger must have written something about Big Data.  Big data is not a new concept.  In the Gartner’s Hype cycle this year, big data has already gone past its peak point and is in the downward trend.  So why another Big data blog and why should you read it.  It is about the Big data that has been existing from the time of earth.

I love simplicity and strongly believe if you have the basics strong, everything else will be simple when you put it in perspective.  This blog is inspired by 9 year old son.

Call it father time, I have trying to reason out everything with my kids.  I believe in God and as a traditional father I want my kid to do the same.  The conversation with my kid, last week is below

·         Me         :  Do not talk rude to your mother or brother

·         Son        :  why?

·         Me         :  it is  bad to say rude things to others.  God is always watching what you do

·         Son        :  Why is he always watching me?  Does he not have any other work?

·         Me         :  God watches everyone and everything son.  That is why he is God.  He looks at all good or bad everyone does and rewards / punishes them accordingly

·         Son        :  He has only 2 eyes, how can he watch everyone at the same time, all the things that everyone is doing.  How does he remember so many things?

Damn.  BIG DATA!!!!.  The almighty has been using BIG DATA from the day of the earth and it took us geniuses so long to find out.  Heck, I had watched Bruce Almighty and remember the scene where Jim Carey is dealing with all those prayer requests, it did not strike me, it was indeed Big Data.  The kids are awesome.  They teach you so many things.

In theory / practice, depending on which side of the equation you are, God looks at all the activities, the good, the bad & Ugly and instantaneously processes them.  Real time data – VELOCITY

He also looks at different types of activities – what you say, what you do, how you treat different set of people … VARIETY

Of course, he stores them for dealing with you during and after your time - VOLUME

Finally when your time is done, he validates your history to decide where you end up (Heaven / Hell) – VALUE

In addition to this, he is constantly analyzing the data to provide with alerts, reward and teach you a lesson depending on the data you generate for him – DATA ANALYTICS (Descriptive and Prescriptive)

That is it friends, this is BIG DATA and its 4 V’s

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